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Use cuticle oil regularly – rub it all around your cuticle and onto the nail itself.  Used at least 2-4 times daily (on your toes as well as fingers), this keeps your nails supple but strong and nourishes them. You will be able to buy small bottles of cuticle oil from me in the new year keep your gel nails looking lovely!

Avoid  hand creams containing lanolin as these may cause the product to lift.

Wear rubber gloves when using cleaning products and washing up. 

Wear gloves when gardening/decorating.

Do not pick, cut, file or bite your nails. This will not only damage the product, but could harm your natural nails.

If you have been heavy handed and damaged your Shellac (it is not infallible!) you can make an appointment to have it repaired before the problem gets worse.  There will be a small charge per nail repair.  I will repair any problems that occur within 24 hours free of charge.

Always have the product removed professionally to avoid any natural nail damage. I can't stress this enough!  Peeling or picking Gel polish from your nails will  remove a couple of layers of nail with it too.

Avoid intense heat for 24 hours after application, so don’t use a sauna or sunbed as it may cause heat spikes on your gel nails, and will fade your colour!

Always wash your hands, nails and cuticles carefully after applying sun cream and self tanning lotions.  Some makes of sun cream contain ingredients which if left, will impair your Gel colour possibly making it fade.  

Self tanning lotion will discolour your polish.

Please avoid touching chemicals such as hair dye solution, cleaning products etc as these can cause a breakdown in service of your Shellac or acrylic nail

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