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What are the characteristics of Japanese nail art

How is Japanese nail art different from normal nail art

  1. Different products used

  Japanese glue is mainly canned glue, with high viscosity and high color saturation.  Moreover, some Japanese nail polish brands will make certain restrictions on the purchase crowd, it can be said that only qualified nail technicians can be purchased by JNEC.  Compared to profits, nail polishers are more aware of whether their products are used by professionals and whether they play the most value.  Moreover, the breakdown of Japanese products is very meticulous. There are brushes for different types and functions. Because it is so serious and meticulous, Japanese nail products are widely praised and the price is also recognized as expensive.

  2. Different styles

  If the European and American styles are simple, and the Korean style is a stylish personality, then Japanese nail art is synonymous with exquisite and nail art!  The beautifully carved styles contain the creation of art by the manicurist and the understanding of beauty.  And Japanese manicurists don't make cars behind closed doors. They need to pay attention to the trend of each quarter, and then integrate their feelings into the style.  Modern women are more and more willing to spend their own money and pursue a higher-quality consumer experience, so every time they look at the works of Japanese teachers, they feel that this is an art at their fingertips. The nail pen on their hands tells  Us, what is beautiful!

  How to do Japanese style phototherapy manicure

  1. In addition to flower decoration, other decorations such as dried flowers or shell powder can also be used for decoration.  For decoration, just use a crystal pen to dip dried flowers or shell powder to decorate the nails, then apply the coagulation liquid on the surface, put it in the phototherapy irradiator for about 20 seconds, absorb the coagulation liquid again, and dry it.

  2. In addition to sticking the nail on the front edge of the nail to extend the nail, you can also use the gel to directly extend the nail.  During the operation, after polishing the natural nails, put the finger rest on the fingertips, use the crystal pen to dip the gel to make the nail nail prototype, dry it, and polish the nail shape.

  3. The viscosity of the gel is very strong. If you accidentally get it on the skin or other tools, you can use sulfide water to remove it.

  4. The phototherapy resin nail has good gloss after forming, no need to apply bright oil.

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