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What is the truth about grafting eyelashes?

It is the dream of every girl to have thick, long and curled eyelashes. In addition to the effect of makeup to achieve beautiful eyelashes, the most popular in recent years are eyelash implants and grafted eyelashes.

What is the truth about grafting eyelashes?(图1)1. What is the 1difference between planting eyelashes, planting eyelashes, and eyelash extensions?

 Eyelashes, a bunch of eyelashes planted on the eyelid, is an older technology, so it is easy to have a foreign body feeling; eyelash implantation is a hair follicle transplant operation, which transplants the hair follicles to the eyelashes, which is a permanent type  Invasive surgery is usually considered only by people who are born without eyelashes; grafting eyelashes is the latest technology, which is to connect false eyelashes to native eyelashes, about 1~1.5mm away from the eyelid.  These three techniques are still recommended for eyelash grafting. First, it is convenient and simple without surgery, which can be said to be zero risk. Second, the price of grafting eyelashes is relatively cheap, and the general public can accept it.

 2. Will the original eyelashes fall off after grafting?

 Eyelash fall is actually a normal phenomenon. The hair on our body will automatically fall off. Of course, eyelashes are no exception, not because they affect the original eyelashes after grafting.  The average lifespan of eyelashes is about 4 to 6 weeks, we will also drop a few a day, but we may not notice it!

 3. Will the eyelashes become shorter or thinner after grafting?

It really has no effect at all.  Grafting is in one-third of the original eyelashes, it will not directly contact the eyelid, and it will not affect the hair follicles.  The illusion that it will become shorter and thinner is because the false eyelash fibers attached are more obvious. In contrast, the original eyelashes are like a little witch!

 4. Will the grafted eyelashes look unnatural?

Most of these impressions appear because of the failure to choose the right type of grafting.  Don't look for a long and uplifting one, 200 or more false eyelashes at a time, of course it looks unnatural.  A general eyelash artist will discuss with you about choosing the right type based on the eye shape and makeup habits.  MM without eye makeup habits can choose the most natural style, and the number can be 150 to 200, so it looks like natural eyelashes are very thick.

 5. Will the eyes feel foreign body?

 The answer is no.  Because false eyelashes are not attached to the eyelids, they do not feel like foreign bodies like wearing false eyelashes, and they do not feel uncomfortable or kaka at all, but people with sensitive skin should check with the beautician in advance  , Be careful that you may be allergic to glue.

 6. Will the process be very uncomfortable?

The process is really painless and itchy, even if you have contact lenses, don't worry, it will not be uncomfortable at all!  Beauty eyelashes will help you massage the eye area before you do it, and even you can sleep beautifully and wake up with a pair of beautiful electric eyes!

 7. Can't I put on eye makeup after grafting?

 It is true that after the eyelashes are grafted, they cannot be clipped or hot. It is best not to brush the mascara to avoid damaging the eyelashes and falling them.  Because the eyelashes are thick and look like they have a natural inner eyeliner, do you still need to apply eye makeup?  As long as you need it, as long as the eyeshadow and the outer eyeliner are good, it is very convenient and fast.

 8. Do I have to give my eyelashes a break after grafting?

Eyelashes will not affect the growth of the original eyelashes, so there is no need to give special rest time, as long as you feel happy, if you want to take it, it does not matter.

 9. Is it troublesome to wash my face after grafting?

It will be a little inconvenient to wash your face and shampoo one week after the end. This is normal, but you will get used to it after a week.

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