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It is convinced that all women desire to be elegant and radiant whether she’s young or old, so the Baby pink Nails and Eyelash is exactly the place to attend. It is where you can have your eyelash and nails done, but is also a beauty salon where you will be worshipped by the beauticians and the other people around. From your experience, you must have known that nail salons work with strong scented chemicals, so you must make sure your salon in good condition.          Compared with other beauty salon, we possess the following advantages over them.


The best quality materials for nails

It is said that nail is a woman's second face, while at present, many products on the market are only used to beautify the nail without protection and maintenance, and even hurt the real nail, which completely lost the original intention of nail service. Aiming to ensure that each customer preserve their nails healthy while beautifying, Baby Pink chooses the safe materials by increasing the toughness and hardness of natural nails, and strengthening the hardness and luster of real nails in the growth, so that your nails wont be vulnerable.


The most advanced instrument for nails

The nail polishers used by ordinary nail shops are ordinary machines or hand polished. However, baby pink has the best nail polisher imported from Japan. The mild nail remover imported from Japan is used to remove the residual nail glue, which can protect the nails of customers. In addition, Baby Pink all makes use of the first-line and high-end salon medical grade products and supplies, as well as LASH BELONG as the main eyelash material. Which is natural and contains no stimulation, no risk, so that even the pregnant women can rest assured that the use of beauty products.




The latest accessories for eyelashes

In order to meet the original intention of tailor-made art, Baby Pink constantly updates and creates nail accessories, striving to bring different works to each customer. It is well known that beautifying eyelash is not a cosmetic surgery, but good eyelash grafting effect can be comparable to the cosmetic operation. After beautifying your eyelashes, you will find that your eyes are bigger and brighter. The Japanese style manicure we adopt is beautiful in style, exquisite in technique and complex in process. It can give you an unusual experience in terms of the selection of nail polish glue, the collocation of nail accessories, the relevant nail tools, as well as the hand drawing ability and color matching ability of the manicurist. In order to make each nail more beautiful, show their due soul, and keep it longer



The best eyelash to shape your face

Your beauty is not to please anyone, but when you stand in front of a mirror, your self-confidence and beauty even make yourself immersed and spellbound by it. Baby Pink helps you to say farewell to mascara and has eye liner effect, which is more sweat resistant and waterproof than false eyelashes. Long and thick eyelashes will make your face slimmer and more delicate


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